Blue Green Bio Lab across BSR (Blue Green Bio Labs)

Short description

Blue Green Bio Lab across BSR (Blue Green Bio Labs)

This is an Interreg Baltic Sea Region Small Project. The main objective is to create a toolkit to help the municipalities develop bioindustrial symbioses. The symbioses to be created have a dual role – to create additional business opportunities in the region and to contribute to environmental and climate policy objectives. The toolkit will thus include descriptions of biomass types, suggestions for local discussions and opportunities for building symbiosis.

LIAE is the only academic partner of the project. The tasks of LIAE include preparing descriptions of the types of biomass from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that can be used in the project partner regions to create bioindustrial symbioses. A study is planned for Zemgale planning region, looking at available biomass types – reeds and grasses.

Project partners

Municipality of Skive (Denmark) –

Skive Climate Foundation –

Municipality of Lysekil (Sweden)

LEVA – Municipal Water Company of Lysekil

Zemgale Planning Region –

Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE)

Project results

“Potential biomass types for bioindustrial symbioses – brief outlines”

“Different possible biomass types for bioindustrial collaborations (symbioses)” – Presentation 27.04.23., Seminar by Zemgale Planning Region

About the project

Contact person: Anda Ikauniece, Senior Researcher.

Project start date: 01.10.2022.

Project end date: 31.03.2024.

Project funding: 499 399,60 EUR

Project website:


Interreg BSR (ERDF) 80%, state co-financing 20%

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