Inta Dimante-Deimantoviča

Inta Dimante-Deimantoviča

Senior Researcher, leader of Microplatic laboratory at Sea monitoring department

Senior Researcher, leader of Microplatic laboratory at Sea monitoring department

Freshwater ecology, zooplankton species (Cladocera and Copepoda) diversity and distribution, palaeolimnology, research on microplastic pollution in the Baltic Sea and freshwater ecosystems, responsible for the microplastic laboratory at LIAE, microplastic monitoring in the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga, coastal sands, as well as for the development of the microplastic pollution research area. As Senior Researcher, she is responsible for the preparation of project proposals, study design, project administration and management.

Interreg Baltic Sea Region project Lakes connect – Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions;

LVAF projekts “Mikroplastmasas piesārņojuma monitoringa pilnveidošana upēs un jūras piekrastes smiltīs” (Nr. 1 08/37/2022);

Islandes, Lihtenšteinas un Norvēģijas EEZ un Norvēģijas granta divpusējās sadarbības fonda stratēģiskās iniciatīvas projekts “Mikroplastmasas piesārņojuma dinamika un izplatība Latvijas un Islandes jūru un ezeru ūdeņos – jauna sadarbības virziena uzsākšana”;

LVAF projekts “Ceļā uz atbildīgu vides rīcību, padziļinot izpratni par mūsu ezeriem” (Nr. 1-08/85/2022)

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Consultanting on environmental and climate issues within the project “Historically contaminated sites in the Port of Liepaja, Karosta channel remediation works”

Research interests: functioning of aquatic ecosystems, aquatic habitat restoration, biodiversity, microscopic crustaceans, palaeolimnology, anthropogenic pollution including microplastics in aquatic habitats, citizen science involvement in research.

Current research areas include zooplankton (Cladocera, Copepoda) analysis, detection of littoral microscopic crustaceans, detection of Cladocera fossil remains in sediments, collection, preparation and analysis of microplastic samples from different environmental matrices, development of monitoring methodology for assessment of microplastic contamination in the environment.

Member of “Center for the Study of Lakes and Marshes” (“Ezeru un purvu izpētes centrs”)

Working at LIAE since 2018. PhD degree in hydrobiology at the Faculty of Biology of University of Latvia in 2012

2021-2022 project manager at Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

2021-2022 Senior Expert at the Institute of Biology (University of Latvia)

2010-2012 Researcher at Institute of Ecology (Daugavpils University)

2009-2018 assistant and Researcher at Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

2021. In 2010 she obtained a qualification of project manager at Turiba University, and represents LIAE in EARMA – European Association of Research Managers and Administrators

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