EEA and Norway grant fund for bilateral relations strategic initiative application “The spread and dynamics of microplastic pollution in Latvian and Icelandic sea and lake waters – a new cooperation direction launch” receives grant in the amount of 51 893 EUR from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway in the frameworks of EEA and Norway grant.

Initiative partner in Iceland is the University of Iceland – largest, most prestigious and leading university in Iceland, especially in the field of marine and freshwater research in earth and environmental science faculties. Currently it is the only research institution in Iceland that conducts research on the prevalence of microplastics in marine and lake waters and sediments.

ERA-NET RUS Plus programme, project Environmental impact of geosynthetics in aquatic systems (EI-GEO), implementation time 2018-2020, more information - http://ei-geo.com

Pharmaceuticals (CWPharma2)

Residues of active pharmaceutical ingredients from wastewater contaminate the water and of the Baltic Sea.

In CWPharma 2, partners from 7 countries work on removing active pharmaceutical ingredients (Pharmaceuticals/API) from the main input route, i.e., wastewater by verifying the effectiveness of the CWPharma guidelines especially on removal of APIs (3.4) from wastewater to decrease the input into the Baltic Sea.

EU framework programme "Horizon 2020", subprogramme "Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities", project SeaDataCloud - Further developing the pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management (SeaDataCloud), implementation time 2016-2020, more information -  www.seadatanet.org/About-us/SeaDataCloud

Project “Estimation, monitoring and reduction of plastic pollutants in Latvian-Lithuanian coastal area via innovative tools and awareness raising”
(LLI – 525)
Acronyme: ESMIC
Project aims to develop a sustainable, cost-effective framework for plastic litter detection, monitoring and management in marine and coastal environments. Plastic litter is linked with negative economic, social and ecological consequences and common challenges related to plastic litter are complex: increasing amounts of microplastic, direct harm to the marine biodiversity and negative impacts on recreational activities.

Estonia - Latvia programme, project Integrated Nitrogen Management System for the Gulf of Riga (GURINIMAS), implementation time 2017-2019, more information - www.envir.ee/en/news-goals-activities/protection-marine-environment/gurinimas
Project “Pharmaceuticals in wastewaters – levels, impacts and reduction”
(LLI – 527)
Acronyme: MEDWwater
Project aims to increase the efficiency of pharmaceutical substances pollution management and to increase cooperation between governmental institutions and wastewater treatment plant operators.

BONUS programme "Blue Baltic 2017-2020", project Baltic Sea maritime spatial planning for sustainable ecosystem services (BASMATI), implementation time 2017-2020, more information - www.bonusportal.org/projects/blue_baltic_2017-2020/basmati



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