By Decision No 148 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia of 6 December 1994, a non-profit organisation, the Institute of Hydroecology of the University of Latvia (LUHEI), was established by merging the Marine Monitoring Centre of the Hydrometeorological Administration and the Marine Laboratory of the Institute of Biology of the Academy of Sciences. 1995 is the actual year of the Institute’s launch.

2006.g. LUHEI was reorganised into the state agency Latvian Institute of Hydro-ecology (Latvijas Hidroekoloģijas ústav) under the Law on the Procedure for the Entry into Force of the Commercial Law and ceased to be associated with the University of Latvia.

2007.g. With the entry into force of the “Amendments to the Law on Scientific Activities”, the Latvian Institute of Hydroecology (LHEI) changed its legal status from a state agency to a derived public entity. Since 1 July 2007 LHEI was under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia.

2017.g. 1. In November 2017, in the context of the Science Policy of the Republic of Lithuania and in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Lithuania 2017. 9 August 2010, the LHEI was reorganised into the Latvian Institute of Hydroecology, an agency of Daugavpils University.

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