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Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology is an agency of Daugavpils University and an internationally competitive scientific institute conducting academic and applied research in aquatic ecology, focusing on seasonal dynamics of plankton and benthic organisms, impact of non-indigenous species on natural ecosystems, distribution and impact of pollutants, e.g. microplastics, and development of spatial planning potential for biodiversity conservation.


Innovative integration of academic research with applied research in order to contribute to the knowledge base of aquatic ecology, providing a basis for enhancing societal well-being while balancing this with biodiversity conservation.


Our aim is to ensure research in the field of aquatic ecology in line with national policies on science and technology development. Strategic objectives have been defined to achieve this goal:

  • to develop scientific excellence in aquatic ecology research and the development of a sustainable blue bioeconomy;
  • to develop the knowledge base on ecosystem services and their values and stimulate the integration of this knowledge into planning and decision-making for sustainable ecosystem management in the Baltic Sea;
  • to become a centre of taxonomic excellence for planktonic and benthic organisms
  • to become the leading institution for microplastics research in the Baltic States;
  • to become the main point of contact for the public and the media on education about the water environment.

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