Red Noise Baltship

Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme

Red Noise Baltship


The aim of the project is to start the assessment of the environmental impact of small recreational vessels and boats in the Baltic Sea region in the context of underwater noise and to disseminate the obtained results to interested parties. LIAE will implement an information campaign about underwater noise, its causes, impacts and opportunities to reduce it in the Baltic Sea, organize one online seminar and a discussion with relevant stakeholders – yacht clubs, boat owners, NGOs and other interested parties.

Project partners

Campaign materials (in Latvian)

Presentations from webinar “Underwater noise in the Baltic Sea” 01.03.2024.

About the project

Contact person: Research Assistant Reinis Kostanda


Project start date: 01.09.2023.

Project end date: 31.12.2024.

Project budget: 1 000 000 SEK


Swedish Institute

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