Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions (Lakes connect)

Interreg BSR project

Building networking hub for units interested in lakes protection in Baltic Sea tourist regions (Lakes connect)

The project envisages the creation of cooperation to improve the quality of lake waters in tourism regions. The project unites scientific institutions, NGOs and local authorities in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The aim of the project is to create a body of knowledge for institutions interested the impact of tourism on the quality of the lake environment. The cooperation of scientific institutions with municipalities and other organizations is still insufficient. Building relationships based on trust will allow for better recognition of the challenges faced by local authorities and will allow for implementation of science-based solutions. The project partners will organize meetings and trainings that will promote synergy between scientific methods and the practical challenges of local communities. International cooperation will provide opportunities for the exchange of experience and the introduction good practice examples in the work of various levels of state institutions. As part of the project, the research partners will conduct a pilot study on water quality of lakes in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The preliminary inventory of lake pollution will allow better identification of the problem and increase the knowledge of local governments about the impact of tourism on water quality.

The main tasks of LIAE are to gather information about lake pollution that stems from tourism activities and what solutions can be implemented to reduce it. The information will be presented in the project deliverables, informative booklets will be produced as part of the project, educational seminars will be held and partner organizations will participate in events where various stakeholders will be provided with information about the progress and results of the project. Together with the leading partners of the project, the collection of samples will be carried out in the lakes of the project member states and level of pollution will be determinated, mainly focusing on microplastic pollution. Most of the samples will be processed in the LIAE laboratory and the results will be summarized in the project deliverable.

Project partners

About the project

Project manager: Inta Dimante-Deimantoviča, Senior Researcher

E-mail: inta.dimante-deimantovica[at]

Project start date: 01.10.2022.

Project end date: 30.05.2024.

Budget: 0,47 million EUR

Project webpage:

Financiers: Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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