Webinar “Recommendations for the detection and analysis of microplastic contamination in freshwaters”.

The webinar will present the first Latvian experience on a detailed methodology for the analysis of microplastic contamination in freshwater environmental matrices. You will learn about sample collection, processing, results in freshwaters with different levels of protection. The information will be useful for individuals and environmental experts to understand how protected or vulnerable natural areas are from microplastic pollution, as well as for researchers considering research in this area.
Anyone can register for the webinar by sending an e-mail to: inta.dimante-deimantovica@lhei.lvPieteikšanās The webinar is open until 28. December at 10.00. 10:00. The webinar will be hosted in GoToMeeting plastic and a link to it will be sent to the email address of the registered participants.

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