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The aim of the project Community Ocean farms and Local Business Clusters in the Baltic Sea (COOL BLUE Baltic) is to promote the restoration of marine ecosystems and the development of business models using regenerative aquaculture in the Baltic Sea. Research and co-creation workshops will help evaluate and promote the establishment of new regenerative mussel and algae farms, promoting sustainable community development and environmentally friendly aquaculture practices.

The role of Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology in the project is to implement a research based approach to the restoration of marine ecosystems and to promote the development of regenerative aquaculture in the Baltic Sea. In collaboration with local communities, informative seminars will be organized and best practices in the field of sustainable aquaculture development will be presented, additionally support for international cooperation will be strengthened by introducing the latest methods to reduce eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.

Project partners

Presentations from a seminar “Gliemeņu un aļģu akvakultūras attīstīšanas iespējas Vidzemes piekrastē” (16.04.23.)

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About the project

Project start date: 01.10.2023.

Project end date: 30.09.2025.

Project webpage:

Project budget: 749 922.34 EUR (LIAE budget 51 873.60 EUR)

Financier: European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF)

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