HELCOM EG Phyto meeting in Sweden

LIAE researcher Iveta Jurgensone led meeting of HELCOM Phytoplankton Expert Group (EG Phyto) in Umeå, Sweden, in September

Project name

LIAE researcher Iveta Jurgensone led the meeting of the HELCOM Expert Group on Phytoplankton(EG Phyto) in Umeå, Sweden on September 24-29th. This is a unique group where experts from Baltic Sea Region countries have been meeting every year since 1992.

At the meeting problems of identification of phytoplankton species in the Baltic Sea were discussed, practical activities were carried out and a common methodology for calculating the biomass of microscopic algae was developed so that the data from the whole Baltic Sea could be comparad and used in various scientific studies and in the assessment of the status of the marine environment.

Photos by Nina ViklundandHelena Höglander

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