LSM: Cyanobacteria and their importance in the Baltic Sea

An article about the role of blue-green algae in the ecosystem and the findings of a study by LIAE in the Baltic Sea

Cyanobacteria and their importance in the Baltic Sea

Mass reproduction or bloom of blue-green algae is one of the most visible and most discussed problems of the Baltic Sea. In the middle of summer, in many places around the Baltic Sea, the waterbecoems cloudy, acquires a strong greenish tint and even smells unpleasantly. However, these algae also play an important role in ensuring the stability of marine ecosystems – cyanobacteria have to some extent made this planet a habitable environment for all of us. The latest studies suggest that the Baltic Sea waters are an important place for the development of these algae.

The full article in Latvian is available on the Public broadcasting of Latvia LSM website:Pētnieki: Baltijas jūra ir ekoloģiski unikāla dzīvotne.

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