Research yacht “Tara” visiting Rīga

On June 21 French research yacht “Tara” docked at the port of Andrejsala to inform about marine research. LIAE PhD student Anete Fedorovska participated in the welcoming event with a story about benthic animals living in the Baltic Sea.

Research yacht “Tara” visiting Rīga

The French Embassy and French Institute in Latvia,in cooperation with Rīga City Council and Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, held an evening event about climate and environment in a relaxed atmosphere with electro-experimental music, welcoming the French research yacht “Tara” at the Andrejsala marina at Eksporta Street 1 on Wednesday, June 21, 2023.

The Tara Ocean Foundation is the first French public good foundation focused on the world’s oceans and developing open science through unprecedented and innovative research to predict climate change and its consequences. Through high-level scientific research, it appeals to the new generation, mobilizes politicians and provides countries with access to new knowledge.

Tara Europa expedition, organized as part of the TREC scientific project, aims to study the land-water interface, where natural diversity meets various types of pollution. During the expedition, the yacht makes a 25,520 km long journey along the coasts of European countries, where the diversity of nature, industry, culture and historical heritage meet.

The evening program included the following activities:

  • 7:30PM arrival of yacht “Tara” in Rīga
  • The crew of the yacht “Tara” informed about their research program and the Curiosity microscope created by the Tara Ocean Foundation, which allows to see the invisible inhabitants of the Ocean interactively and makes oceanography accessible and exciting for all.
  • PhD student at LIAE Anete Fedorovska introduced event participants to the underwater world and benthic animals of the Baltic Sea and showed videos and photos.
  • Artist and researcher Robertina Šebjanič talked about the creative work on board “Tara”. Robertina Šebjanič’s work is based on studying the biological, political and cultural reality of the aquatic environment and the impact of humanity on other organisms. Her projects call for the development of empathetic strategies aimed at recognizing the rights of other (non-human) species.
  • At 9PM visitors enjoyed a concert by musician Waterflower – an experimental pop performance, challenging the listeners and working with live plants and mushrooms as musical instruments. Waterflower is a music project by Sabīne Moore, where eco-pop music is created by drawing influences from nature, science and experimental electronic music.

In the course of the evening it was possible to view exhibition “The Story of the Ocean”, board the yacht, enjoy the cafe and share thoughts about water, life, climate and human relationship with nature.

The evening was hosted by Ansis Bogustovs. More information about the event:

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