“LATMARE” database

“LATMARE” database

Since the establishment in 1995, the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE) has carried out hydrological, hydrochemical, hydrobiological and meteorological observations in the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Riga and several harbour basins. LIAE has collected a wide range of information and data as part of the marine monitoring programme, for various environmental screening, public and scientific research purposes. The data provides valuable information for use in marine environmental assessment reports, the development of indicators and criteria for good environmental status, and the design and implementation of future environmental policy and management plans. The “LATMARE” database has been developed for storage, use and management of the data accumulated by LIAE.

“LATMARE” database (latmare.lhei.lv) has been developed within the Baltic Data Flows project (lead partner HELCOM) with co-funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) of the European Union. The implementation of the “LATMARE” data storage system aims to ensure the management of the observations collected by LIAE, while providing interoperable, high quality and publicly accessible data on marine environmental quality indicators. Data are collected on different groups of variables in seawater, sediment and biota, as well as meteorological and other environmental observations made during the expeditions.

The main tasks of “LATMARE” are to provide:

  • information about the visited site, time of measurement and water depth;
  • observations of environmental parameters – i.e. meteorological observations, Secchi depth and colour;
  • records about hydrochemical parameters – salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen; nutrients – total P and N, phosphate, nitrite, nitrate, ammonium, silicate; pH, turbidity, chlorophyll a;
  • monitoring records of contaminants (metals) in fish;
  • observational records of hydrobiological parameters – zooplankton, zoobenthos and phytoplankton;
  • publishing the accumulated data.

LIAE experts perform a quality check of the data stored in the system, assessing reliability of the observational data based on multi-year, seasonal and local observational experience. The quality of the data on hydrochemistry and pollutants is labelled using the data quality label developed by the SeaDataNet Consortium https://vocab.seadatanet.org/v_bodc_vocab_v2/search.asp?lib=L20.

The freely available data can be used to assess biodiversity, eutrophication, pollution and human impacts for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, global climate change, academic and applied research, environmental assessment, sustainable marine spatial planning and blue growth. The “LATMARE” data storage system automatically publishes LIAE open datasets to the Latvian Open Data Portal (https://data.gov.lv/lv) and the European Data Portal (https://data.europa.eu/en) via an Application Programming Interface (API). Open data enables the public to analyse information, use data to create new products, services and research, and get involved in improving marine monitoring and management processes.

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