Visit of research vessel “Aranda” and LIAE educational tents in Liepāja

On June 14 and 15 Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology visited Liepāja to promote public interest and active involvement in marine environmental protection.

Visit of research vessel “Aranda” and LIAE educational tents in Liepāja

On June 15 marine research vessel Aranda of Finnish Environment Institute and its team of scientists docked at the Trade Canal. From 1PM to 6PM everyone was welcome to visit the ship, sit in the captain’s chair and visit the laboratories. In the tent city set up by the ship visitors of the event could participate in various educational activities. In the tents of LIAE we presented the institute, our research topics and ongoing projects.

In our benthos tent visitors could try on diving equipment and learn about the organisms that live in the sea. We also drew attention to the non-indigenous species that have been introduced in the Baltic Sea in recent years.

In the next tent together with Nature Conservation Agency we communicated about protected marine areas and showed an exhibition of underwater photographs. Among the photos was one taken of a sunken ship at the bottom of Irbe Strait.

In the Ecotoxicology laboratory tent visitors had the opportunity to learn about organisms used in tests to determine effects of chemicals on the environment. One of the issues at this time is contamination from pharmaceutical substances and how to limit it.

In the Microplastic laboratory tentvisitors learned how much microplastics we find in the Baltic Sea by looking under a microscope and taking a closer look at different types of microplastics, as well as try sifting sand, which is one of the methods to detect microplastic pollution on beaches.

Around 1000 people attended the event. The following media reported on the event:


Latvijas Avīze:



LIAE activities were organized in the framework of the following projects: LIFE19 NAT/LV000973 REEF – “Jūras aizsargājamo biotopu izpēte un nepieciešamā aizsardzības statusa noteikšana Latvijas ekskluzīvajā ekonomiskajā zonā”, ESF Nr., Islandes, Lihtenšteinas un Norvēģijas EEZ un Norvēģijas granta divpusējās sadarbības fonda stratēģiskās iniciatīvas “Mikroplastmasas piesārņojuma dinamika un izplatība Latvijas un Islandes jūru un ezeru ūdeņos – jauna sadarbības virziena uzsākšana”, LVAF project “Mikroplastmasas piesārņojuma monitoringa pilnveidošana upēs un jūras piekrastes smiltīs” (Nr. 1 08/37/2022), Interreg BSR project “Lakes Connect” and Interreg Latvia – Lithuania Programme project “Farmaceitiskās vielas notekūdeņos – daudzums, ietekmes un iespējas to samazināšanai MEDWwater” (LLI – 527).

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