Delfi: discussion on campaign “Save Our Sea”

In connection with the World Cleanup which will take place on September 16 this year, “Lielā Talka” is organizing a discussion about what Latvia is doing to move towards becoming a green, clean and sustainable country.

Discussion on campaign “Save Our Sea”

On Thursday, August 31 discusison about World Cleanup 2023 took place. The discussion was divided into two parts – in the first part of the discussion, the project “Save Our Sea” implemented by “Let’s do it World” is discussed. This talk drew attention to microplastic pollution on beaches and what each municipality is doing, both on a daily basis and as part of this campaign, to reduce this type of pollution in the sea.

The first part of the conversation is led by Vita Jaunzeme, the organizer of the “Lielā Talka”, was dedicated to the “Save Our Sea” campaign. LIAE Senior Researchers Inta Dimante-Deimantoviča and Anda Ikauniece participated in the discussion.

The “Save Our Sea” campaign starts on August 31, whish is the Baltic Sea Dayand ends on the World Cleanup Day – September 16. During these two weeks various awareness-raising and coastal clean-up activities will take place in seven countries around the Baltic Sea. In Latvia six municipalities have registered to participate in the campaign – Riga, Jūrmala, Liepāja, Ādažu district, Talsi district and Valmiera district.

Recording of the discussion (in Latvian) is available here: Diskusija: ‘Tīra un netīra vide sākas mūsu galvās’.

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