First public event of project TRUST ALUM

In the beginning of September an informative event was held in Jugla, Rīga where everyone could find out more about the planned clean-up of lake Velnezers with ALUM method.

First public event of project TRUST ALUM

The first public event of project TRUST ALUM gathered more than 80 local inhabitants and attention from media.

On Wednesday September 6 an informative even was held for the public, where everyone could learn about the planned clean-up of lake Velnezers in Jugla, Riga using ALUM method – an innovative approach in the Baltic countries. Project partner representatives from LIAE, Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia and Riga City Council gathered inquiries abou the ALUM method from the public that will be presented later in September at the project partner meeting in Sweden.

Overall, the public perception of the planned works was positive and most local residents agreed that the condition of the lake was not satisfactory – algal blooms were the most frequently mentioned issue. However, there was also concern about the safety of the ALUM treatment method for fish and humans, and concerns about a possible bathing ban in the lake during and after the treatment. All the issues were summarised in order to prepare a plan with the project partners on how to best inform the public about the safety of the method.

The most active locals joined LIAE experts early on September 7 at 7AM in order to participate in examination of a fishing net. First impressions point to a worse state of fish population in the lake than predicted. Fish were afterwards taken to LIAE for further analysis.

We are delighted about the response from the public and invite to follow Interreg BSR project TRUST ALUM activities here:

Video coverage by “Latvijas televīzija” (in Latvian):

Article by LSM, Public Broadcasting of Latvia (in Latvian):–stils/vide-un-dzivnieki/10.09.2023-jugla-attirisanai-gatavo-velnezeru-pec-zinatniskas-zvejas-secina-zivju-tur-maz.a523389/

LSM article in Russian:

Photos: © Inga Retiķe

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