Infrastructure for Marine and Inland Waters (AquaINFRA)

Infrastructure for Marine and Inland Waters (AquaINFRA)

The overall goal of the project is to create a virtual environment equipped with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) multidisciplinary data and services, supporting marine and freshwater scientists working to restore oceans, marine, coastal and inland waters to a healthy state. AquaINFRA virtual environment will enable scientists to store, share, access, analyze and process research data and other research digital objects from any virtually accessible global research infrastructure and discipline.

The LIAE team is leading DP5 “Use cases”, where research data will be shared, analyzed and processed in the virtual environment of AquaINFRA, creating new digital products in different European regions – Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Pan-European region, which will help maintain healthy oceans, seas and freshwater environments. In the Baltic Sea region, LIAE will analyze the information available in river Daugava catchment, contributing to the improvement of the state of the Baltic Sea. In addition, LIAE team participates in several other AquaINFRA work packages such as WP3 on data discovery and access system, interactive platform development in WP4, stakeholder engagement in WP6 and public outreach in WP7.

Project partners

Contact person

Solvita Strāķe – Senior Researher, project coordinator, WP5 manager


+371 29798552

About the project

Project start date: 01.01.2023

Project end date: 31.12.2026

Project funding: Total project budget 7,601,825.00 EUR, LIAE budget 333,500.00 EUR

Project webpage:


The project is financed by European Union research and innovation program “Horizon Europe” according to grant agreement no. 1010944344

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