“Plastic Pirates – Go Europe!”

In August, Latvia joins the European youth citizen science Campaign, which aims to study plastic pollution in waterways.

“Plastic Pirates – Go Europe!”

European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme is implementing a pan-European campaign for young people “Plastic Pirates – Go Europe!” under grant agreement No 10108882. The campaign started in 2016 in Germany. This year campaign member states – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain – are joined by Latvia and Georgia.

The campaign goals are to promote citizen science and involve young people in research on plastic pollution. Young people from schools or interest groups are invited to visit a local river, stream or canal to investigate plastic pollution in local waterways and along their banksand to collect microplastic samples using a specialised net.

The campaign provides participants with educational materials and a microplastic net. The results are uploaded by the youth groups to a common database and verified by scientists.

Project partners in Latvia

Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE)

FEE Latvia

About the project

Contactperson: Inta Dimante-Deimantoviča, Senior Researcher

E-mail: inta.dimante-deimantovica@lhei.lv

Project start date: 01.08.2023.

Project funding: 29500 EUR


Horizon Europe – European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme

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