We will test floating islands in Latvia and Estonia

As part of the BioFloat project we will find out how floating islands can improve water quality and biodiversity in Latvia and Estonia

We will test floating islands in Latvia and Estonia

How can floating islands improve water quality and biodiversity? In the BioFloat project we intend to find out by making and testing floating islands in Āraiši lake, mill pond in Gulbene and Põrmujärv lake in Estonia.

So far floating islands have been used around the world to reduce eutrophication. But as part of BioFloat we will also test the islands’ ability to reduce microplastic and heavy metal pollution, as well as their ability to bind various other emerging pollutants. We will implement a series of engaging face-to-face and online activities to develop the use of floating islands in Latvia and demonstrate their efficiency. 7 partners from Latvia and Estonia will cooperate in the project, as well as invited experts from Lithuania and Latvia.

More about the project here.

Photos: Anette Parksepp

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