Ieva Bārda

Ieva Bārda

Researcher, Experimental hydrobiology department

Researcher, Experimental hydrobiology department

Sea and lake phytoplankton studies – seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton, influence of abiotic and biotic factors on phytoplankton development and primary production. Studies on the development of potentially toxic cyanobacteria, the production of toxins and their further accumulation in aquatic organisms.

Ecotoxicological studies – biological effects (biomarkers) of pollutants in freshwater and marine benthic organisms, seasonal dynamics and their relation to chemical pollution, biotic and abiotic factors. Research on non-indigenous species at the Baltic Sea coast (ports).

Research on macroalgae – mapping of marine protected areas and collection of underwater solid bottom samples. Research on aquaculture – cultivation of macroalgae and bivalves Mytillus and their aquaculture potential in the Baltic Sea

Contact information

E-pasts: ieva.barda[at]


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